Keeping your pet healthy is our main priority, and keeping them current on vaccinations is one of the best ways to do that. We offer both core and non-core vaccines for both dogs and cats depending on their lifestyle.

Core vaccines protect against the most life threatening diseases and are what we would consider the minimum recommended vaccines. You will often hear us refer to your pet being due for “Distemper” – this is actually a combination vaccine that includes all the core components aside from Rabies which is a separate vaccine.

Non-core vaccines are more dependent on your pets lifestyle and where you live. Since we live in Wisconsin and our dogs are exposed to a lot of wildlife we will often recommend your dog be vaccinated for Leptospirosis as well as Lyme disease. If your dog will be around a lot of other dogs, such as at a boarding facility, day-care, or the dog park we will also recommend you vaccinate for Bordetella (kennel cough).
Cats that have exposure to other feral cats by living outdoors or cats that go outside unattended we would recommend vaccinating for Feline Leukemia virus.

Core Vaccines for Dogs:
* Rabies
* Distemper
* Adenovirus/hepatitis
* Parainfluenza
* Parvovirus

Core Vaccines for Cats:
* Rabies
* Feline Rhinotracheitis
* Calicivirus
* Panleukopenia

Non-Core Vaccines for Dogs:
* Leptospirosis
* Lyme
* Bordetella

Non-Core vaccines for Cats:
* Feline Leukemia

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